Elderflower squash recipe

It is time! It’s time for a nice refreshing elderflower squash!

Black elder (Sambucus nigra) blooms in late spring to mid summer and its flowers have several uses in culinary. Here goes my elderflower squash recipe:

 1l water

10 elderflower heads

1kg brown  sugar

3 lemons

After you have collected elderflower heads you put them in a bowl, add water, sugar and 2 squeezed lemons. Cut one lemon into slices. Cover the bowl with a cloth and leave it on a room temperature for 24 hours. Mix occasionally to melt the sugar.

Strain a drink through a fine sieve or even better, a cloth. At the end wring out the flowers and lemons to extract all the flavours. Pour into bottles and keep them in dark and cool place.

Whenever you are thirsty dilute the elderflower squash with water

and enjoy the summer!!!