New season, new life!

Last week I’ve spent a lot of time in our backyard were I also have a small garden. I was enjoying in a summer heat but the plants not so much. So while I was watering I noticed I have more company than usually.

There are two bird families with offsprings which have their runway in our backyard. I specially like the little blackbirds (I think it’s them) who are observing me at work and are trying to be unnoticed.

These little birds just learning to fly reminded me that we are still in spring and that 30°C in Covilhã are not really summer heat. The hot days are yet to come!


St. Valentine has the keys to roots


St. Valentine has the key to roots

St. Valentine has the key to roots

In Slovenian folk tradition, St. Valentine was the first harbinger of spring. There is the proverb that says, “Saint Valentine has the keys to roots.”

14th February is traditionally the day when plants start to grow and when the first work in the fields and in the vineyards begins. It is the day when the nature starts to wake in spring.