Hitchhiking is on!

Last week I had first serious hitchhiking experience and it was much more pleasant and ordinary than I had expected. Me and my friend Lara went to La Rioja to see her family for Easter and on the way home to Covilhã we stopped in Salamanca and hitchhiked the rest of the way home.


There are several reasons why I suddenly decided to become a hitchhiker:

– My friend Marlene who has hitchhiked across the country and even traveled that way in Morocco was my great inspiration.

– Just before going to Spain I ran into this video:

– My brother Igor is experienced international hitchhiker.

We could say that for me becoming a hitchhiker was just a matter of time. And now it is the time for new steps and experiences. Tomorrow we’ll hit the road again!




Seeds of Transition

One of the most important seeds of my transition is probably the garden I started two years ago. This seed brought me from Slovenia to Portugal under the Serra da Estrela and this week to the Atlantic coast, where I stay at Quinta do Luzio.

Azenhas do Mar

By now I’ve met so many people, who shared their story with me, and numerous inspiring projects that today I want to share with you a movie to inspire you.

The Voice of the Wind

Don’t watch the news today. See how many seeds of transition Jean-Luc and Carlos Pons have found on their journey from Provence to Granada. You might not be able to take part in the projects seen in the documentary but I bet that just around the corner you will find people with whom you can create a wonderful story.

I’ve seen this documentary when I started my Portuguese journey and now I find it even more touching. If I made a movie about my experience here it might look something similar. With the voice of the wind, colours of nature and seeds of transition.

[EN] The Voice of the Wind

[ES] La voz del Viento

[FR] La voix du Vent



I’ve started a new experience! I became a Wwoofer and found my way to Portuguese farms. I will be one week working at the farm in Alentejo. It is called Herdade do Freixo do Meio and it is a huge farm with around 650 hectares of land.

Next week I will be going to Quinta do Luzio in Sintra and enjoy in warm weather at the Atlantic coast.

Let the  adventure begin!

Interesting links:

Wwoofing in Portugal: http://www.wwoof.pt/