New start!

Serra da Estrela with Sunshine

Serra da Estrela with sunshine

After a long winter, spring has come to Covilhã! This year the start was specially hot and it felt so good wear just T-shirt instead of the usual ten layers of clothes. It was just to good.


Cherry blossom in the courtyard

Cherry blossom in the courtyard

Apparently it was too much summer for my body that expected some spring first. I caught a cold and spent a week in bed, observing the summer through the window. Now the spring and rain are back and so am I.


Pues la vida siempre te dará

Un camino, unico a ti

Con tiempo verás

Con tiempo verás

Aunque tengas preguntas

Sigues continuando,





Just soil

I’ve used the cold and rainy days to prepare the soil for the spring and making compost. I could say that during the winter it was all about soil. And acorns, but that’s another story.

In few months the plants will tell if my studies and work are well done.