About me

Olá! You have just found my digital postcard from Portugal!

In Seia, Serra de Estrela.

This blog is a fruit of my EVS project in Portugal and hopefully not the only one. I have left Slovenia for 9 months to dive into permaculture and to learn about the world that surrounds us. This would be a short description of my EVS. A long description would be the blog itself.


About my EVS project Towards a Sustainable World

Currently I live in Covilhã where I work with organization OUSEM. All our activities are connected to permaculture, sustainable life and transition. Yes, that could include almost anything and it will actually take an entire blog to describe all the wonderful and fun projects that we have here. The blog will be active at least during the time of my project, between September 2013 and May 2014, hopefully also later.


Before the blog

Since this is a gardener’s diary I cannot resist to show you my gardens back home in Slovenia.

I am in Portugal to learn and this blog is a place where I will share my knowledge, experiences and thoughts with you. If you have any suggestions about my work or you feel you have something to add to my posts, please, drop me a line.DSCF5052

Enjoy the blog 🙂


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