PDC – Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2014

I’ve just returned from a PDC course in Coja, Portugal, organised by New School Permaculture. They say that PDC changes lives and this one sure did its job. Our course with a teacher Helder Valente was based on informal and creative education methods which made learning much more fun and interactive.

The most important lesson of the course for me was the importance of social permaculture. In order to connect as a group we made countless energizers and games, which sometimes gave us a new lesson and the other times just created relaxed atmosphere.

It depends.

This is the answer for all the questions one might have while working on permacultural projects. Thanks for this one, Helder.

Our course depended pretty much on us, the participants, and everyday we had opportunity to share our passions and knowledge with others. Thanks to this flexible form of the course I learnt about cultivating mushrooms, how to make my own toothpaste, I meditated, had a massage, observed birds in the morning, learnt about naturalism, ecovillages and construction and I shared with a group what the iniciative Covilhã em transição does. This is only what we have shared during the official program of the course, but during the breaks and meals is when the sharing had really flourished.

Now the course is over and its our turn to design our lives and change it the way we want. After doing this course and before having participated at many projects with very diverse groups I understand how important is to connect and cooperate with other people and I will have in mind the following words of Bill Mollison:

I can’t change the world on my own.

It’ll take at least three of us.


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