Seeds of Transition

One of the most important seeds of my transition is probably the garden I started two years ago. This seed brought me from Slovenia to Portugal under the Serra da Estrela and this week to the Atlantic coast, where I stay at Quinta do Luzio.

Azenhas do Mar

By now I’ve met so many people, who shared their story with me, and numerous inspiring projects that today I want to share with you a movie to inspire you.

The Voice of the Wind

Don’t watch the news today. See how many seeds of transition Jean-Luc and Carlos Pons have found on their journey from Provence to Granada. You might not be able to take part in the projects seen in the documentary but I bet that just around the corner you will find people with whom you can create a wonderful story.

I’ve seen this documentary when I started my Portuguese journey and now I find it even more touching. If I made a movie about my experience here it might look something similar. With the voice of the wind, colours of nature and seeds of transition.

[EN] The Voice of the Wind

[ES] La voz del Viento

[FR] La voix du Vent


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