Words of the president

I’ve found an interview with José Mujica, the president of Uruguay, and I would like to share it with you. It is astonishing and relieving to know that nowadays it is actually possible that someone so down to earth can be a president of a country.

[EN: Interview with José Mujica]

Here are some of the quotes I find important but in the interview you can get to know more about his life and work, Latin America’s reality and he also addresses themes of drugs, religion and Church, social responsibility, consumption and the presidential function.

My definition of poor are those who need too much. Because those who need too much are never satisfied.

Freedom is having time to live.

I don’t think that there are good drugs or that marijuana is good. Nor are cigarettes. No addiction is good. I include alcohol. The only good addiction is love. Forget everything else.

I am not against consumption, I am against waste.

If the current world population aspired to consume like the average North American we would need three planets Earth.

We complain about global warming while we assault nature by producing so much waste. We are mortgaging the future of the next generations.

And last but not least, some thoughts on how to live happily:

To live in accordance with how one thinks.

To talk to the man you carry inside. It is the companion we carry to the grave.

Be yourself and don’t try to impose your criteria on the rest.


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